#iloveyourcountry competition

We had so much fun trying food and drinks from other countries, and learning a little bit of history, art and culture during the international night.

We all made amazing posters showing our country to the other participants, so now it’s time to vote!


Join our competition and let one of the countries win the prize as the BEST of this youth camp!

Rules are easy:

pick your favourite country. It can be yours or one of the others, it doesn’t matter. You  can find all the countries HERE;

  • click on the photo of the country you want to comment;

  • write a comment about the country choosen. It could be about something you already know, something you learnt during the past few days, or something that breaks stereotypes;

  • all the comments have to be left by Saturday at 12 pm;

  • a jury will choose the most original comment and the country related to it will be the winner;

  • the winning country will be announced on Sunday, receiving a special prize.

Ex. I comment Sweden. My comment is choosen as the best. Sweden is the winner.

Are you ready to join the competition? Don’t be shy, get involved!!

Link to the blog posts with the posters