Let’s start something new together!

This blog is will be created to give you an insight in mindsets, wishes and actions of warm-hearted and open-minded young people all over Europe and other parts of our world.

We are all challenged by the effects of the daily political live in a globalized world–our world is changing.

But we can handle that with courage and the consciousness of being together in one world. We are standing not alone. We have friends in this and other parts of the world.

Let’s face a new European mind: the Europe of Youth!

These few days we will start living this new European meaning, here in Prora, on the northern germany island of Ruegen.

We are getting together as friends and working, learning and playing so for a whole week on the beach.

And this is what we will take home: we create our future, because we are connected, optimistic and open-minded. And this is our time because we are young! And this is our Europe, a Europe of Youth!

Andreas, 2018-06-06