Tuesday, 12.06.
In the evening everyone arrives and will be welcomed with a meal.

Wednesday, 13.06.
This day we’ll get to know each other and have several team building activities.

Thursday, 14.06.
Half the day will be used for workshops and the other for freetime activities like sports and cultural events.

Friday, 15.06.
We continue with the workshops in the morning. After the lunch break we can do small study trips or other freetime activities.

Saturday, 16.06.
Having started with the workshops, we will present the results in a political conference and discuss them with our guests. Besides one can get to know the involved youth organizations and at night there is a concert.

Sunday, 17.06.
We will start the day with a brunch. As it is the last day, there will be time for reviews, the follow-up and feedback.

Monday, 18.06.
After breakfast everybody leaves homewards.