Inclusion of Refugees

Teamleader: Reinhold and Asem

How can we include refugees even better into our European societies? Which conditions are necessary for that and how can we get to them?

Europe of Youth

Teamleader: Delia

Young participants can present their ideas and visions for an open and youthful Europe. What contribution can young people make to a Europe of shared values? How can we cooperate in sustainable networks with increasingly limited resources? In addition, it will be shown what opportunities for participation exist for young people at European level.

Music Workshop

Teamleader: Martin

Music is the universal language in the world without words. We build musical group conversation.

Links of Social Media using the hashtag #ohmo18

Landesjugendring Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (RYC)

Krizia in Travelland

Regional center of Youth

From our participants:

Have you used the hashtag #omoh18 as well? Please inform us, we will add your information.

The editorial staff starts working

Now we have our first meeting. Here we try to use the blogging software with a smartphone. Now it’s very silent in this room 😉

The five of us come from different countries and use social media in different ways for school and/or work. So we will see how people in Germany, Italy, Romania, Sweden and Slovakia use these tools. 


Andreas, Germany | Krizia, Italy | Casian, Romania | Alex, Sweden | Roland, Slovakia

Hello, is there anybody outside?

Let’s get inside the world of Europe of Youth! Let’s immerse into workshops and discussions, talks and campfires, games and serious meetings between different people. Let’s deep dive untill we reach the ground, touched by hearts, understand the others and let be them as the are.

And here comes the players: (You can find them as categories in this blog)

1 Europe of Youth
2 Inclusion of Refugees
3 Populism in European Countries
4 Selforganization of Young People
5 Creative Forms of Youth-Participation
6 Cooperative Games
7 Music-Workshop
8 Media-Team (editorial staff)

May the 4th be with us (and all the other numbers too) 😉

Foto: (CC BY-SA 2.0) by InSapphoWeTrust from Los Angeles, California, USA