Political dialogue

1. Europe of Youth

The first group focused on the fact that some European countries, compared to China, are quite small, so if they work together with the rest of Europe, they can grow and become powerful.

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Moreover, for youngsters, there are several vantages of being a member of the EU:  they can find jobs all around Europe, they can have a common language and a common money, they don’t need a passport to travel around, they can join the Erasmus and Erasmus+ programs.

2. Self-organization

The group presented by itself its work, opening the stage with a flashmob, involving all the people in the hall. Everyone was dancing, happy: that was the main concept to introduce the idea of an Eutopian city, where everybody would live happily every after, no matter their sexual orientation, their salary, their religion, their political idea.

Have you ever heard of the song “Imagine” by The Beatles?

The group then described the several ways to self-organization, explaining which one worked the best for them in this workshop.

3. Inclusion of refugees

The leader, who was a refugee himself in 2015, helped the students to find answers to the main questions related to the figure of the “refugee”.

The media play a very important role in the process of telling what is happening in the rest of the world and/or reporting these kind of news, so we should be very “hungry” of knowing the truth. Let’s compare different versions of the news, let’s check different medias (TV, newpapers, Google news and so on) to try to find THE truth.

And let’s keep in mind that differences are good and help us to open our eyes and grow up.

The group also analyzed the actual situation in Germany, learning how the country is welcoming refugees and what is the position of politicians about opening borders to immigrants.

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Workshop 2 Inclusion of refugees and migrants

What are the differences between inclusion and integration? How are these two terms seen in different countries in Europe? That was the topic of the workshop.

In this workshop there were different young people coming from different countries in Europe such as Germany, Sweden, Spain and Slovakia. First of all, we talked about the insight of migration problems in those specific countries and how these questions are approached in them. We also discussed about the structures of the refugee’s politics and institutions which were already existed.

We analysed the problems of migration and we tried to find aims to improve the acceptance of migrants and refugees in the society.

One of the Spanish participants, who works in NGOs in Spain, talked about his experience in dealing with refugees and how to include them in the society.

For some participants, the topic was quite new and so very interesting. The others were already more familiar with the subject and so they had a fruitful exchange about different points of views and facts from other European countries.

Inclusion of Refugees

Teamleader: Reinhold and Asem

How can we include refugees even better into our European societies? Which conditions are necessary for that and how can we get to them?

Hello, is there anybody outside?

Let’s get inside the world of Europe of Youth! Let’s immerse into workshops and discussions, talks and campfires, games and serious meetings between different people. Let’s deep dive untill we reach the ground, touched by hearts, understand the others and let be them as the are.

And here comes the players: (You can find them as categories in this blog)

1 Europe of Youth
2 Inclusion of Refugees
3 Populism in European Countries
4 Selforganization of Young People
5 Creative Forms of Youth-Participation
6 Cooperative Games
7 Music-Workshop
8 Media-Team (editorial staff)

May the 4th be with us (and all the other numbers too) 😉

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