Workshop 2 Inclusion of refugees and migrants

What are the differences between inclusion and integration? How are these two terms seen in different countries in Europe? That was the topic of the workshop.

In this workshop there were different young people coming from different countries in Europe such as Germany, Sweden, Spain and Slovakia. First of all, we talked about the insight of migration problems in those specific countries and how these questions are approached in them. We also discussed about the structures of the refugee’s politics and institutions which were already existed.

We analysed the problems of migration and we tried to find aims to improve the acceptance of migrants and refugees in the society.

One of the Spanish participants, who works in NGOs in Spain, talked about his experience in dealing with refugees and how to include them in the society.

For some participants, the topic was quite new and so very interesting. The others were already more familiar with the subject and so they had a fruitful exchange about different points of views and facts from other European countries.

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