Political dialogue

The workshops are almost over, and today the participants will present the results to the politicians who were invited to join us.

During the discussion, everyone will be able to speak up and share his/her own ideas with:

  • Kerstin Kassner, MdB Fraktion DIE LINKE /  Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
    (Member of Parliament Bundestag Germany)
  • Ann Christin von Allwörden, MdL CDU-Landtagsfraktion / Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (Member of Parliament Landtag MV)
  • Jascha Dopp, Chief of Unit European Affairs, Innenministerium MV
  • Ingo Trusheim, Boardmember of LJR M-V / Landesjugendfeuerwehr M-V
  • Tobias Packhäuser, Boardmember of LJR M-V / ver.di Jugendsekretär

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